Launching the Game for the First Time

1- After running the game from the launcher, it will start at the login window:

Enter your data as is shown in the picture, then click on Login.

2- You have to select a Server from a group of servers, double click on the box as shown in the image below to enter choose:

3- Double click on the server name here to enter it (it is recommended to enter the novice server, if you are new to the game, since you will be able to enter it later in the game):

4- If this is your first time to log in with your account, then you have to enter your in-game character name, this is required only once for each Account:

5- Finally your will get to the room selection and creation screen:

Room selection interface:

1) your character information.

2) Your character inventory, you can choose the weapons for your character to equip here.

3) The cash item shop.

4) Back the previous window.

5) Your in-game messages mailbox.

6) Options and settings.

7) Exit the game.

8) Search for rooms.

9) Room creation.

10) Refresh the rooms list.

11) Quick start by entering the first available slot in the first available room.

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