Posted:2012/12/3 16:11



It is time to vote in the “Arab world Online Video Games Festival 2012” of ArabMMO, and as you know already, your favorite game Point Blank is taking part in this festival.

Visit the voting page here.

Point Blank command promises you to launch a 300% experience event, if Point Blank got the first rank as best shooting game in the Arab world.

Also; every player who participate in the voting and cast his voice for Point Blank as best shooting game, will get a voucher code to be redeemed in game for:

AUG A3 D 7 Days

Keen Eyes Reinforced 7 Days

Iron Mask 7 Days

Bullet Proof Vest 7 Days

Point Bomb

Please note that there is only 10% chance that you will get the coupon code from ArabMMO.

And finally, thank you for your efforts in helping to make Point Blank more and more popular.

-       Point Blank Team.

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Melee Combat Night 11:00 PM (+4 GMT)
GM & THE 40 WINNERS4 ~ 5 PM (GMT +4)
Elimination Battle11 PM (+4 GMT)
GM Tuesday11 PM (+4 GMT)
Bomb Battle11 PM (+4 GMT)
Snipers Battle 11 PM (+4 GMT)
Shotgun Night11 PM (+4 GMT)

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