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Test your limits! Point Blank will test your skills as gamer with fast paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times. Point Blank's graphics, surround sound, and camera effects will put you in the middle of the action and test your skills at a whole new level. Lock and load! Read More
Point Blank takes place in the country of Korogese. Since its inception, Korogese has risen through the ranks of global power at a meteoric rate. So fast, that the piecemeal government can no longer sustain itself and has been taken over by the massive corporations and merchants that grew out of its success. Now that the country has matured, and the populace is at peace, these same corporations are seeking to disarm the general populace with the promise of laws to protect the innocent and police to keep the peace. Read More
Join the battle for the Korogese with any one of these interesting characters to choose from! Learn more about their story, skills and strengths! Read More
W Forward F Quick Turn
S Back Shift (Hold) Walk
A Left Ctrl (Hold) Crouch
D Right Space Jump
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Point Blank Registration Guide
1- Go to the Main Page:
2- Press on "Play Now" Link:
Game Download Guide
1- Go To the Main Page:
2- Click on the Download Link
Guide to start the game
1- Go to Game Folder, press on file named: PBLauncher.exe .

2- The Game Launch Program will open, and then press on "Check" button first, as shown in the picture.
Launching the game for the first time
1- After running the game from the launcher, it will start at the login window:

Enter your data as is shown in the picture, then click on Login. 2- You have to select a Server from a group of servers, double click on the box as shown in the image below to enter choose:
How to create a room?
1- Once in the room selection screen, click on the 

button as is shown in the picture.
2- The room creation window, you can control the settings of rooms as is shown in the picture.
Missions & Ranks Card
1- In Addition to the main targets related to every fighting mode on the map, you can have secondary missions from the Mission Cards in return of small rewards like experience, points and medals required to get higher in ranks.
2- To enter the Mission Cards window, click on button at the upper part of the screen, to go to your character window.
Shop guide & Character List
– Click on 

to enter the Point Blank Shop.
2- The Shop Window will open as shown in the picture:

User Interface
This the User interface menu:

Room selection interface:
  • 1) your character information.
  • 2) Your character inventory, you can choose the weapons for your character to equip here.
  • 3) The cash item shop.
  • 4) Back the previous window.
  • 5) Your in-game messages mailbox.
  • 6) Options and settings.
  • 7) Exit the game.
  • 8) Search for rooms.
  • 9) Room creation.
  • 10) Refresh the rooms list.
  • 11) Quick start by entering the first available slot in the first available room.
Cash Guide
Introducing the new cash items which are bough with Tahadi Points and how they work!

Repair & Cash Guide
Introducing the new system of weapons you buy with Game points titled Primary weapons and how it works!


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